Smiling Design

Smile design is an aesthetic procedure to improve or change a person's smile. Smile design considers various factors such as tooth color, tooth size, tooth shape, gum line, tooth spacing, and tooth alignment. Our doctor evaluates the patient's teeth and face shape and plans a smile design in the most appropriate way for the patient's facial structure and smile characteristics.

The smile design process starts with a smile plan designed by our doctor digitally and approved by the patient. Then, in line with this plan, various aesthetic procedures can be applied to the teeth, taking into account factors such as the shape, size, color and position of the teeth. These procedures may include teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, orthodontic treatment and dental fillings.

Smile design can be done not only for aesthetic purposes but also to improve tooth function. A good smile design can increase the patient's self-confidence and provide a more positive effect in social life.

Healing Process

The recovery process after smile design may vary depending on the type of treatment the patient receives and the individual's unique conditions. However, in general, after the smile design process, there may be an adaptation period that takes a few days during the healing process. During the first few days, sensitivity and pain may be felt in the teeth. This is normal and can be alleviated with pain medication.

What To Do

Perform your oral care regularly according to the recommendations of our doctor.
Follow your dental cleaning appointments as often as recommended by our doctor.
Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

What You Should Avoid

Avoid trying to over-whiten your teeth.
Avoid applying excessive pressure to dental veneers or dental implants.
Avoid extremely hot or cold foods.
Avoid clenching your teeth or applying excessive pressure with your teeth to hard objects.

Consult Your Doctor

Procedure Duration

1-3 Hours

Accommodation Duration

3-6 Days


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