Hollywood Smile Application

The Hollywood smile is an aesthetic dental appearance characterized by the teeth being white, bright, smooth and symmetrical. This type of smile often reflects the aesthetics of celebrities' teeth and is achieved by reshaping the teeth with a special whitening treatment, straightening or even dental implants and dental veneers. Hollywood smile increases one's self-confidence and aims to have a more aesthetic tooth appearance by providing a younger and healthier appearance.

Healing Process

The Hollywood smile procedure usually requires minimal or no recovery time. Although this is rare, you may experience some temporary side effects or tenderness depending on the surgical procedure performed.

What To Do

Perform your oral care regularly according to the recommendations of our doctor.
Follow your dental cleaning appointments as often as recommended by our doctor.
Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

What You Should Avoid

Avoid trying to over-whiten your teeth.
Avoid applying excessive pressure to dental veneers or dental implants.
Avoid extremely hot or cold foods.
Avoid clenching your teeth or applying excessive pressure with your teeth to hard objects.

Consult Your Doctor

Procedure Duration

1-3 Hours

Accommodation Duration

3-6 Days


Local or General



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